Lutheran Education

Grant Application & Funding Requirements

NOTE: Lutheran Foundation has not yet updated the goals funding strategy in this Funding Focus Area. Additional research and conversations with local and national stakeholders are being conducted.


Good programs start with good program design.  Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis’ Grant Application provides organizations an opportunity to show their thought process in developing their proposed program and the ultimate change(s) sought in the lives of those they serve. 

In order to ensure consistency across grantees and support best practices in the areas of program design and evaluation, Lutheran Foundation has developed specific requirements for the formatting of outcome statements, the types of outcome statements that programs monitor, and how outcome data is tracked and reported. 

As part of the Grant Application, organizations must complete and include a Logic Model and Evaluation Plan (templates are included in the Grant Application).  The Logic Model allows the Foundation to understand your assumptions and beliefs about how change happens in the lives of your participants/clients as a result of your program.  The Evaluation Plan outlines how you will measure the impact your program has had on the lives of those you serve, and helps the Foundation see the specific tool(s) that your organization will use to measure progress toward the desired outcome(s). 

Ultimately, the Foundation is keenly interested in the longer-term status or condition changes made in the lives of those served by our Grantees. We recognize that not all organizations are equipped to measure this type of change when initially seeking funding. Therefore, the Foundation allows Grantees time to build this capacity. In each subsequent year of funding for a particular program, Grantees will be expected to increase their ability to measure and report on deeper-level and longer-term client outcomes.

 Please note that Lutheran Foundation is open to providing grant support for more than one year for a particular program (typically awarded annually), although funding for the same program is usually limited to a total of three (3) years.  Tracking and reporting requirements will increase with each subsequent year of funding.  

The User's Guide, a highly helpful resource for completing the Grant Application, includes in-depth information and examples on good program design and how to develop a Logic Model and Evaluation Plan.  It also identifies what Grantees must track and report to the Foundation in each year of funding.