Christian Volunteerism


Funding Goal: To strengthen Christian volunteerism by increasing the capacity of and supporting congregations and faith-based organizations in equipping people for effective service, thereby positively impacting the lives of hurting people.

PLEASE NOTE:  Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis does NOT provide direct assistance to individuals.  Funding is provided to area organizations who, in turn, work directly with individuals.

In 2011, 64.3 million Americans volunteered. Individuals served in a variety of ways to positively impact a multitude of community needs. Most nonprofit organizations and churches rely on the dedicated service of volunteers to carry out their important missions. This volunteer workforce gave 7.9 billion hours of service or $171 billion in donated services. 

Each of us is endowed with gifts to be used to honor and glorify our risen Lord. As Christians, we are called into servanthood to be the hands and feet of Christ. Serving offers an exciting opportunity for ministry as we discover and carry out our unique gifts, thereby building the Body of Christ. When we selflessly reach out to serve others, we are living as Christ called us to live. Our faith-filled acts of service are living expressions of Christ’s love for and in us. The wonderful news is that God continually equips us to serve.

Churches are perfect conduits to support congregants as they apply their gifts in service to other members and to the community. These acts of ministry can range from serving as a Sunday school teacher or usher, to assisting with the church's food pantry or after-school program, to organizing outreach ministries to the homeless and mothers in poverty, and more.

Lutheran Foundation has a rich history of encouraging and supporting Christians in carrying out these acts of servanthood. We have done this in a variety of ways, including supporting volunteer-driven programs and services, and funding volunteer recruitment campaigns, both in congregations and faith-based organizations.

In our strategic funding plan, we look to support Christian volunteerism in two ways:

  • Provide grant support for new and expanded quality volunteer equipping and management efforts in churches and faith-based organizations through.
  • Strengthen the ability of congregations and faith-based organizations to effectively equip and manage volunteers through coaching assistance, mentoring, and training (through Send Me St. Louis).


To learn more about Lutheran Foundation’s strategic funding plan, click here.