Services for Ex-offenders and Their Families

Funding Strategy

Funding Goal:
To support the successful reintegration of ex-offenders by restoring their lives and family relationships and communities, thereby enhancing community stability and public safety.



Target Population

Our grant support will focus on congregations and organizations who serve criminal justice involved adults who are either currently under community supervision, in a local jail, or were formerly incarcerated, and the families of offenders.


Impact Areas

Impact Areas describe, in broad terms, the measurable change within each Funding Focus Area that Lutheran Foundation would like to see in the lives of those served by Grantees.  Impact Areas allow the Foundation to aggregate outcomes across multiple Grantees to determine our community impact.

Organizations seeking funding from the Foundation must demonstrate how their program will address one or more of the following Impact Areass:


  • Impact Area #1: Ex-offenders will maintain or experience improved mental, physical, and/or spiritual health.
  • Impact Area #2: Ex-offenders will experience increased pro-social community involvement and stability.
  • Impact Area #3: Ex-offenders will experience increased positive relationships with a support person(s), family, and/or network.

Potential Funding Interests

Following are examples of programs/services/activities which the Foundation will consider for funding. This list is not exhaustive.

Programs and services to ex-offenders and their families:


  • Services that address risk factors for reoffending such as:
    • Employment support services
    • Substance abuse treatment
    • Mental health treatment
    • Educational and vocational programs
    • Affordable housing
    • Transportation
    • Life skills
    • Maintaining and/or developing healthy family relationships or social supports
  • Case management services that include development/tracking of personal goals and connection to community resources
  • Health care services such as:
    • Nutrition and healthy lifestyles
    • Access to preventative care
    • Diagnosis and management of chronic health conditions
  • Transitional services that build a bridge from incarceration to reentry into the community
  • Services for children who have a parent(s) who has been or is involved in the criminal justice system
  • Services for spouses, partners or other significant family members of an individual(s) who has been or is involved in the criminal justice system and the caregivers of their children


Organizational support:

  • Activities that build the infrastructure of an organization such as:
    • Technology
    • Staff training
    • Strategic planning


Multi-Year Funding
Lutheran Foundation is open to providing grant support for more than one year for a particular program (typically awarded annually), although funding for the same program is usually limited to a total of three (3) years.  Tracking and reporting requirements will increase with each subsequent year of funding.  For more information, see the Application & Reporting Requirements section and/or the User's Guide.