Letter from the President/CEO

January 2019

Dear Friends:

Thank you for visiting Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis’ website. We hope you find the content both informative and inspiring.

God designed His Church to transform the world! Each of us was created by God to love and serve our neighbor. When you go out and serve others, lives and communities are restored; they grow and thrive. No matter the size or scope of what you do, you can SERVE BOLDLY. And Lutheran Foundation, through our grant funding, can help you get started or take your ministries to new heights. 

The Foundation established a six-year (2014-2019) strategic funding plan that directs our funding in six distinct areas. The plan also calls us to strengthen our focus on investing in programs and services that demonstrate measurable change and meaningful transformation. Grantees are challenged to increase their capacity for, and success in, measuring changes/outcomes achieved in the lives of those they serve.

We recognize that not all organizations have experience with and/or are equipped to measure deeper-level, longer-term client outcomes. Thus, we continue to meet our Grantees where they are and help build their capacity to design quality programs, craft measurable outcome statements, and develop/implement evaluation tools through:

  • providing expanded resources online, primarily through our User’s Guide
  • one-on-one consultation for Grantees and grant applicants

We welcome the opportunity to learn about your organization’s efforts and explore ways in which we can work together to positively impact the unreached and underserved in our community. If you feel your congregation or organization addresses the goals and outcomes identified in one of our six funding focus areas, please contact us. We look forward to meeting with you!



Ann L. Vazquez