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2013 Grants

As of 12/31/13


People Served Through Award Date Amount
To decrease the affects of trauma, abuse, neglect, depression, and stress in 80 youth through assessment, individual therapy, psycho-social education, and staff training. A Million Stars dba College Bound Feb-13 $31,000
To provide strategic management support to St. Louis Alliance for Reentry (STAR) as it works to integrate successful intervention principles and practices resulting in collaborative partnerships that enhance ex-offender self-sufficiency, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety and community health in the St. Louis area. Area Resources for Community & Human Services (ARCHS) Dec-13 $8,000
To reduce recidivism rates in 15 female ex-offenders through training and certification in the culinary arts, case management, and limited job placement services. Area Resources for Community & Human Services (ARCHS) Feb-13 $54,000
To recruit and train 50 additional church volunteers to positively impact vulnerable families by providing respite care for 185 children, mentoring parents, and providing resources. Bethany Christian Services Aug - 13 $55,000
To provide for membership in BoardLink StL. Bridge Outreach Mar-13 $200
To provide sanctuary and supportive services to the homeless by strengthening the recruitment and management of volunteers. Bridge Outreach Feb-13 $21,000
To decrease long-term recidivism rates in 40 female ex-offenders by piloting aftercare services to monitor and assist clients once they leave the program. Center for Women in Transition Aug-13 $30,000
To prevent youth suicide and factors contributing to depression by delivering evidence-based suicide prevention and bullying prevention curricula in 120 area schools, reaching 38,000 students, faculty, and parents. CHADS Coalition for Mental Health Aug-13 $20,000
To increase self-esteem, life, and job skills in 10 female prisoners by training service and rescue dogs for people with disabilities. C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs, Inc. Feb-13 $30,000
To strengthen the social-emotional skills of 1,000 low-income youth through incorporating mental health curricula into existing programming, staff training, assessments/screenings, and counseling. Christian Activity Center Aug-13 $88,000
To allow 27 children of New Americans annually to attend an area Lutheran elementary or high school by providing scholarship assistance as well as providing supportive services for their families. The organization will raise matching funds to support the program. Christian Friends of New Americans Feb-13 $54,000
To decrease isolation in 150 seniors through education sessions and enrichment activities. Christian HomeCare Services, Inc. Feb-13 $30,000
To help 80 male ex-offenders achieve employment and become an active parent through case management, job search assistance, and fatherhood/healthy relationship training. Connections to Success Feb-13 $120,000
To decrease mental health concerns in 50 homeless youth through counseling, aftercare, and case management. Covenant House Missouri Aug-13 $44,000
To help 20 illiterate immigrant mothers of preschoolers learn to read and teach their children through in-home preschool and literacy training. Curby Memorial Presbyterian Church Feb-13 $12,000
To provide collaborative support in preventing youth violence. Deaconess Foundation Sept-13 $5,000
To offer additional education access for 180 low-income children in a loving, Christ-like environment by establishing a pre-school program and before/after-school services at the new EAGLE Prep. Educational Enterprises, Inc. Feb-13 $190,000
To reduce recidivism rates in 85 ex-offenders through career training, job development, and case management, as well as placement, retention, and supportive services. Employment Connection Aug-13 $37,000
To help 6-8 male ex-offenders become productive citizens through a variety of services, including employment and life skills training and mentoring. Exodus 8 Outreach Ministries, Inc. Feb-13 $30,000
To support relief efforts to those affected by the Hazelwood tornado. Exodus 8 Outreach Ministries, Inc. April-13 $2,000
As an innovative, retail coffee-shop, the 2nd Cup Coffee House will intentionally reach Millennials and create space for 2nd cup conversations. Faith Lutheran Church - Oakville Aug-13 $48,000
To increase employment rates with 66 male offenders through comprehensive job training and life skills classes while incarcerated and case management and job placement support after release. Fathers' Support Center Aug-13 $30,000
To increase the employability of 60-80 men through a life skills curricula, intense mentoring, case management, social services, and job readiness training. FOCUS North America Aug-13 $16,000
To provide a forum for area Lutheran clergy to dialogue and network as well as create one voice during seasons of concern, joy, and sorrow. Forum of Lutheran Clergy of Greater St. Louis June-13 $3,000
To decrease emerging mental health concerns in 23 adopted children through short-term, in-home crisis intervention. Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition Aug-13 $26,000
To support the continued academic achievement of 36 King of Glory Lutheran School graduates now attending high school (18 attend Lutheran High Schools) through regular visits, performance monitoring, and wrap-around services. Friends of the Academies dba Access Academies Feb-13 $15,000
To provide annual support for 2013. Gateway Center for Giving Jan-13 $14,000
To help 6-8 ex-offenders become self-sufficient and contribute positively to society through education, job skills training, and work experience. Gateway Housing Foundation Aug-13 $45,000
To preserve the mother-daughter relationship of incarcerated parents, reduce the trauma of separation, and minimize girls' at-risk behavior through Girl Scouting and providing opportunities for 40+ girls to share positive experiences with their incarcerated mothers. Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Aug-13 $15,000
To increase the number of Christian foster and adoptive families through education, recruitment, and training targeted to members of St. Louis area churches. Good Shepherd Children & Family Services April-13 $10,000
To improve the health of un- and under-insured people by providing free health screenings and education. Health Protection Education & Services Aug-13 $10,000
To improve the health and well-being of elderly members in 10 congregations and in surrounding neighborhoods in East St. Louis by equipping the congregations to strengthen their social service senior outreach ministries. HealthVisions Midwest Feb-13 $50,000
To provide a welcoming and accessible environment for including those with developmental and physical disabilities in the worship and fellowship life of the church. Hope Lutheran Church - High Ridge Dec-13 $5,000
To identify and reduce mental health concerns in 70 children attending a St. Louis City public school through assessment, mental health services, parent and teacher education, and linkages to additional services. Hopewell Center Aug-13 $40,000
To provide positive after-school experiences for at-risk youth. House of Prayer Christian Academy - HOPCA Feb-13 $15,000
To strengthen families and individuals as they deal with incarceration and its after-effects through jail chaplaincy, transitional housing, and case management. Humanitri Feb-13 $117,000
To provide operational support Humanitri June-13 $120,000
To support the evaluation of the St. Louis Summer Youth Jobs program. Incarnate Word Foundation Feb-13 $5,000
To support for volunteer management and congregation social service outreach community training efforts. International Lutheran Laymen's League dba Lutheran Hour Ministries Dec-13 $2,000
To improve the mental health of 60 children and their families through Christ-centered in-home counseling delivered by professional and lay counselors plus help area churches increase their capacity to disciple and care for families struggling with mental health concerns. Journey Fellowship Aug-13 $27,000
To help 1,800 students understand business, citizenship, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, and financial literacy principles and work readiness through a series of experiential hands-on activities provided by volunteers. Students served by this grant will attend one of 20 area Lutheran schools. Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis, Inc. Feb-13 $5,000
To deepen the experiences of short-term immersion service opportunities at the organization by developing and implementing an intentional curriculum focusing on education, service, developing relationships, Biblical reflection, and development of further missional work. Kingdom House Aug-13 $75,000
In partnership with Humanitri and Heart2Heart, help decrease stress factors and increase coping mechanisms and positive behavior in 60 children with an incarcerated parent through individual and group counseling, case management, visits to see their incarcerated parent, and social outings. Let's Start Aug-13 $55,000
To increase early diagnosis and intervention for 450+ children with autism spectrum disorder through clinical assessment, treatment planning, and counseling. Life Skills Aug-13 $47,000
To provide support for a feasibility study regarding the establishment of therapy and tutoring centers as a vehicle for expansion. Lutheran Association for Special Education Nov-13 $8,000
To foster a servant's heart in college students by providing meaningful serving experiences and opportunities for reflection and integration with their spiritual lives. Lutheran Campus Ministry Aug-13 $25,000
To help 24 male ex-offenders attain economic self-sufficiency, healthy marriages, and responsible fatherhood through employment and other workshops, case management, and counseling. Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois Feb-13 $45,000
To provide matching funds for youth's participation in the Lutheran Summer Music Academy. Lutheran Church of the Resurrection March-13 $2,995
To help the lives of hurting people in the name of Jesus Christ by engaging 200 congregants in social service outreach ministry through intentional, relationally-based acts of service. Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens Aug-13 $36,000
To more effectively serve 7,000 students by coordinating training, curriculum development, marketing, and support services; supporting leadership expenses of the organization; and expanding access to counseling, and teacher and parent mental health consultation. Students served by this grant attend one of the LESA member schools. Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA) Feb-13 $230,000
To reduce emerging mental health concerns/illness in 50 area youth through assessment and counseling. Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri Aug-13 $40,000
To positively impact the self-esteem and academic performance of 140 Lutheran elementary students by recruiting and supporting 115 volunteer tutors. Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri Aug-13 $6,500
To provide collaborative matching support for technology through the 'Center for Immersive Learning.' Lutheran High School of St. Charles County Nov-13 $3,000
To provide annual support for 2013. Lutheran Services in American June-13 $2,140
To help 120 ex-offenders reenter society and become responsible citizens through establishing a new Metro-East office that will offer case management, job skills training, community service opportunities, and other support. Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Aug-13 $180,000
To help 25 youth deal with issues associated with having an incarcerated parent through curriculum-based after-school activities. Manasseh Ministry Feb-13 $9,000
To reduce stress in 85 ex-offenders returning from prison and increase their successful transition into society by covering rent, bus passes, and basic essentials for the first 1.5 weeks after release. Mission Gate Prison Ministry Feb-13 $15,000
To improve the success of 20 female ex-offenders returning to society through housing, job placement, spiritual development, life skills training, and other supportive services. Mission Gate Prison Ministry Aug-13 $40,000
To increase academic achievement, offer healthy recreation opportunities, develop positive relationships, and expand access to community experiences for 40 neighborhood youth through after-school and summer programming. Mission St. Louis Aug-13 $35,000
To positively impact the lives of hurting people by encouraging and supporting Christian volunteerism in congregations and the community. Missouri District of the LCMS Dec-13 $55,000
To strengthen the capacity and number of congregations successfully engaged in social service outreach ministry, with an emphasis on efforts that bring the care of Jesus Christ to the lives of hurting people living in underserved communities. Missouri District of the LCMS Dec-13 $55,000
To empower and teach at-risk youth a variety of skill sets through group counseling. MPRINT Community Wellness Feb-13 $12,000
To provide continued support of Missouri statewide alliance of nonprofit organizations to help build and sustain quality Missouri nonprofits. Nonprofit Missouri Dec-13 $1,000
To provide support as NSC develops a more sustainable business model. Nonprofit Service Center Nov-13 $15,000
To increase the number of Christian foster and adoptive families through education, recruitment, and training targeted to members of St. Louis area churches. One Heart family Ministries Feb-13 $40,000
To prevent the development of mental health disorders and educational struggles in 12 acutely traumatized children through a comprehensive, therapeutic, full-day preschool program. Our Little Haven Aug-13 $50,000
To decrease antisocial behavior and recidivism rates with 300 juvenile offenders in the St. Louis County detention center through violence prevention programming, case management, and parent education workshops. Progressive Youth Connection Feb-13 $31,000
To reduce recidivism in 50 ex-offenders through safe housing, congregational partnerships/mentors, and case management. Project COPE Aug-13 $40,000
To prevent future domestic violence in 35 offenders through intensive counseling and case management. Provident, Inc. Aug-13 $20,000
To strengthen services to children with disabilities by adding a volunteer coordinator who will strengthen oversight and management of volunteers, who provide the majority of services. Ride On St. Louis, Inc. Aug-13 $2,000
To strengthen services provided to homeless families and ensure consistency by continuing to strengthen the agency's volunteer program and better train churches who host families overnight. Room at the Inn Aug-13 $25,000
To positively impact the lives of hurting people by encouraging and supporting Christian volunteerism and social service outreach in congregations and the community. Send Me St. Louis Dec-13 $153,000
To reduce homelessness in 130 dually diagnosed female ex-offenders through housing, substance abuse treatment, life skills planning, and other wrap-around services. Shalom House Aug-13 $35,000
To help 250 older adults remain independent and socially engaged through a variety of educational, exercise, and art classes. Shepherd's Center of Webster-Kirkwood Feb-13 $22,000
To better identify and care for 74 child-care children annually at risk for mental health issues through screening, assessment, home visits, referrals, and incorporating evidence-based prevention programs into the existing curriculum. South Side Early Childhood Center Aug-13 $20,000
To increase the intellectual and spiritual enrichment of 31 prisoners and staff at the Bonne Terre Eastern Reception Diagnostic Corrections Center through participating in classes leading to an Associate of Arts degree plus offering arts and humanities programming for all inmates. St. Louis University Aug-13 $10,000
To support the marketing campaign and volunteerism effort to recruit 2013-2014 students. St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School May-13 $5,650
To help 15 homeless ex-offenders successfully reintegrate into the community through a unique collaboration combining housing, job and life skills training, and intense case management. St. Patrick Center Feb-13 $90,000
To decrease isolation and increase the health of 50 seniors through weekly programming including health screenings, outings, Bible study, exercise, and intergenerational activities. St. Peters Project Uplift Aug-13 $15,000
To support congregational outreach through a Comfort Dog Ministry for the congregation and the St. Louis community. Timothy Lutheran Church Aug-13 $5,000
To allow 130 low-income children to attend Lutheran schools throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area by providing matching scholarships and general support for all scholarship programs. Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation Aug-13 $35,000
To prevent future delinquency/crime in 12 high-risk truant youth through intensive, home-based family crisis-stabilization services. Twenty-Second Judicial Circuit of Missouri Aug-13 $40,000
To coordinate efforts of St. Louis area ELCA congregations to effectively reach out and be a spiritual and economic benefit to the urban core by funding an outreach coordinator in North City to develop/expand social service outreach ministry activities and manage volunteer efforts. Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church Aug-13 $54,000
To collaborate with other funders to serve children in parochial schools through after-school care for the school year. United 4 Children Aug-13 $5,000
To support positive emotional development in young children through training 150 early childhood teachers in empathy-based teaching methodology and providing coaching services to support integration into the classroom. University Children's Center Aug-13 $35,000
To respond to the regional heroin epidemic through a collaborative effort of funders and providers providing community education and treatment. United Way of Greater St. Louis Feb-13 $10,000
To train, equip, and support church volunteers to provide safe, supportive environments for cancer families in their community to draw closer to Christ. Volunteer Leadership dba Cancer Companions Aug-13 $7,000
To help stimulate innovative approaches to social problems through a series of workshops and a competition focusing on implementing social enterprise concepts and developing multiple income sources for non-profit organizations. Lutheran Foundation can set parameters and determine which agency in the competition would receive our funding. Washington University of St. Louis Aug-13 $30,000
To support attendance at the 2013 Global Leadership Summit 14 organizations July-13 $1,050
To support/encourage congregational social service outreach. 52 LCMS churches Sept-13 $52,000
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