Recent Grants


2014 Grants

As of 12/31/2014

Christian Volunteerism Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To provide sanctuary and supportive services to the homeless by strengthening the recruitment and management of volunteers. Bridge Outreach Feb-14 $19,000
To increase volunteer participation and productivity by strengthening volunteer management practices. Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County Aug-14 $9,500
To better support people who are homeless and living with HIV/AIDS by strengthening the recruitment and management of volunteers, especially those from the faith community. Interfaith Residence dba Doorways Feb-14 $20,000
Increase the number of and strengthen the management of volunteers through expanding volunteer management practices and oversight. LOVEtheLOU Aug-14 $28,000
To strengthen the management of volunteers by purchasing a new volunteer management database. Ride on St. Louis, Inc. Aug-14 $3,500
To positively impact the lives of hurting people by encouraging and supporting Christian volunteerism and social service outreach in congregations and the community. Send Me St. Louis Dec-14 $252,000
To increase volunteer satisfaction and retention and recruit new volunteers through expanded training, evaluation/reflection, marketing, and recognition efforts. St. Patrick Center Aug-14 $49,000
To provide hands-on service and leadership development opportunities for neighborhood youth, college interns, and mission/service teams by establishing an Urban Mission Training Center. St. Trinity Lutheran Church - St. Louis Feb-14 $104,000
To improve volunteer experiences and impact with at-risk youth by strengthening volunteer management practices and recruiting new volunteers. Young Life - St. Louis Urban Feb-14 $15,000


Congregation Social Service Outreach Ministry Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To support Blessed Savior's outreach ministry to improve participants' understanding personal finances and how it relates to their faith walk. Blessed Savior Lutheran Church - Florissant Mar-14 $750
To support the expansion of a summer day camp. Chapel of the Cross - North St. Louis County May-14 $5,000
To help 75 seniors maintain independence by providing free rehabilitation services in the congregation's health and fitness facility. Christ Memorial Lutheran Church - Affton Feb-14 $24,000
To support a one-day project in October equipping 350 church members for community service. Christ Memorial Lutheran Church - Affton June-14 $5,000
To provide a sign language interpreter for Sunday morning worship at Concordia-Kirkwood. Concordia Lutheran Church - Kirkwood Feb-14 $5,000
To introduce new seminary students to Lutheran Foundation and Send Me St. Louis and available resources to support social service outreach efforts. Concordia Seminary - St. Louis Sept-14 $1,000
To provide holiday dinners of gratitude for Thrive's Parent University families and volunteers. Emmaus Lutheran Church Nov-14 $3,000
To continue reaching youth in the community through bi-weekly exciting, relevant celebrations and relationship-building. Grace Lutheran Chapel & School - Bellefontaine Neighbors July-14 $2,600
To provide registration and bus transportation for the Mass Choir's performance and attendance at the Lutherans in Black Ministry Convocation. Great Commission Lutheran Church - St. Louis City April-14 $5,000
To improve the health and well-being of elderly members in 13 congregations and in surrounding neighborhoods in the East St. Louis area by equipping the congregations to strengthen their social service senior outreach ministries. HealthVisions Midwest Feb-14 $43,000
To help 80 low-income youth build communication skills and relationships through an after-school arts program that includes drama, visual arts, music, creative writing, and dance. Holy Cross Lutheran Church - St. Louis City Feb-14 $62,000
To support a summer camp for children of the Washington Park, IL area. House of Prayer to All Nations of the Pentecostal Faith, Inc. dba HOPTAN may-14 $10,000
To help 150 women with disordered eating decrease isolation and increase capacity to manage their condition through workshops, individual and group training, and intentional discipleship. The Journey Fellowship Aug-14 $44,000
To support expansion of congregant volunteer service with Ronald McDonald House. Lord of Life Lutheran Church - Chesterfield June-14 $1,500
To help at-risk youth increase literacy and entrepreneur skills and grow in character, spirituality, and health lifestyles through managing a garden and selling produce. Lutheran Church of the Atonement & School - Florissant Feb-14 $13,000
To help the lives of hurting people in the name of Jesus Christ by engaging 200 congregants in social service outreach ministry through intentional, relationally-based acts of service. Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens - Webster Groves Aug-14 $22,000
To support a new summer-long day camp. Messiah Lutheran Church & School - Weldon Springs May-14 $5,000
To provide outreach to the surrounding immigrant community through English, citizenship, and computer classes as well as a children's sports program. Peace Lutheran Church - Lemay Feb-14 $4,000
To reduce isolation in older adults and hunger in 300+ community residents through a weekly senior center program and weekly meal. St. Matthew Lutheran Church - St. Louis City July-14 $8,000
To strengthen services to area low-income people by increasing connection to faith with both volunteers and those served, providing meals, and relationship building, and establishing new evaluation processes. St. Vincent de Paul Church Feb-13 $35,000
To empower 8 formerly homeless women and their families to continue their journey of self-sufficiency by connecting them with a mentor. Trinity Lutheran Church - Chesterfield Aug-14 $55,000
To support Unity's community outreach ministry through development of a strategic plan for the Lansdowne community. Unity Lutheran Church - East St. Louis June-14 $8,000


Lutheran Education Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian crowdfunding platform by matching funds up to $5,000 per school. Child of God Lutheran Church - St. Peters July-14 $2,206
To allow 27 children of New Americans annually to attend an area Lutheran or charter elementary or high school and/or after-care program by providing scholarship assistance as well as supportive services for their families. Christian Friends of New Americans Feb-14 $64,000
To decrease mental health concerns in 180 students through assessment and counseling. Services to be provided by a contracted counselor from Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri. Educational Enterprises, Inc. Aug-14 $37,500
To bring a unified and coordinated STEM strategy to St. Charles County Lutheran schools by launching a robotics-based program and connecting elementary school students to Lutheran High School mentors. Engineering and Technology for Lutheran Youth Feb-14 $36,000
To provide quality, Christ-centered early childhood education for 60 children through a collaborative program with Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church. Grace Lutheran Chapel & School Feb-14 $75,000
To support a three-day continuing wellness educational offering to 15-20 Lutheran educators. Grace Place Wellness Ministries, Inc. Apr-14 $10,000
To help 1,800 Lutheran school students understand business, citizenship, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, and financial literacy principles and work readiness through a series of experiential hands-on activities provided by volunteers. Junior Achievement of Greater St. Louis, Inc. Feb-14 $5,000
To more effectively serve 8,000 area Lutheran school students by coordinating training, curriculum development, marketing, and support services; supporting leadership expenses of the organization; and expanding access to counseling, and teacher and parent mental health consultation. Lutheran Elementary School Association Feb-14 $150,000
To provide support for a professional consultant's facilitation in development of a 2014-2017 strategic plan and restatement of the mission and vision. Lutheran Elementary School Association Aug-14 $15,000
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian crowdfunding platform by matching funds up to $5,000 per school. St. Paul's Lutheran Church & School May-14 $3,200
To allow 145 low-income children to attend Lutheran schools in the St. Louis area by providing general operating support. Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation Aug-14 $40,000
To serve an additional 14 students by adding a new pre-school program at St. Lucas Lutheran Church. Word of Life Lutheran School Aug-14 $44,000
To support Lutheran education through a special project examining trends, data, and future opportunities. 33 St. Louis Area Lutheran Schools Feb-14 $105,500


Older Adults Maintaining Independence Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To help 85 seniors with ALS live independently as long as possible through case management, spiritual counseling, respite care, and medical support. ALS Association - St. Louis Regional Chapter Aug-14 $25,000
To decrease social isolation in 350 older adults through educational sessions and enrichment activities. Christian HomeCare Services, Inc. Aug-14 $25,000
To increase the ability of 500 lower-income older adults to manage their health through assessment and education services provided by a parish nurse. Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministries Jan-14 $40,000
To reduce isolation in 15 older adults through monthly group activities, meals, and outings. East Side Heart and Home Aug-14 $5,000
To support a community garden for seniors and the disabled. Hamilton Heights Neighborhood Organization, Inc. Dec-14 $5,000
To increase the independence of 80 older adults by providing home repairs and modifications. Jefferson County Community Partnership Aug-14 $38,000
To help five older adults in the College Park neighborhood maintain their independence by providing major home repairs/rehabilitation. LCMS National Housing Support Corporation dba Lutheran Housing Support Feb-14 $50,000
To continue helping 700 older adults annually maintain independence by implementing a five-year strategic and sustainability plan. Lindenwood Area Senior Ministries Feb-14 $24,000
To educate the community about the health and human service needs for older adults & gaps in services. An education campaign will subsequently be run to encourage support of a property tax to support related programs & services. Lutheran Senior Services Feb-14 $35,000
To help reduce stress and support daily activities for 400 older adults with dementia/Alzheimer's and their caregivers through education, resources, and in-home visits. Memory Care Home Solutions Aug-14 $25,000
To enable 30 low-income older adults to live independently by providing energy-efficient home modifications. Missouri EnergyCare, Inc. dba EnergyCare Feb-14 $50,000
To increase the mobility and independence of 10 older adults through home modifications (mostly wheelchair ramps and bathrooms). New City Fellowship of St. Louis Aug-14 $50,000
To allow eight older adults to live in their homes by building wheelchair ramps. Rebuilding Together - St. Louis Feb-14 $60,000
To help 1,200 low-income older adults better manage a chronic condition(s) through community outreach, education, and free/low-cost prescriptions. RX Outreach Feb-14 $90,000
To help 250 older adults remain independent and socially engaged through a variety of educational, exercise, and art classes. Shepherd's Center of Webster-Kirkwood Feb-14 $20,000
To help 185 low-income older adults remain independent by providing in-home care and case management. St. Andrew's At-Home Solutions dba Senior Solutions Aug-14 $50,000
To help 45 older adults continue to live independently and offer respite for caregivers by providing and adult day program. St. John's Healing Community Board aka St. John's Community Care Feb-14 $52,000
To help 900 older adults adjust to vision loss and increase their self-esteem through medical assessment of their condition and training in the use of adaptive devices/techniques. St. Louis Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired Aug-14 $45,000
To help 15 low-income older adults maintain independence by providing minor home repairs/improvements. Webster-Rock Hill Ministries Feb-14 $35,000

Services to Ex-offenders and Their Families Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To stabilize and decrease recidivism in 200 ex-offenders and their families by providing criminal and civil legal services. Arch City Defenders Feb-14 $55,000
To reduce recidivism rates in 15 female ex-offenders through training and certification in the culinary arts, case management, and limited job placement services. ARCHS Feb-14 $54,000
To provide strategic management support to St. Louis Alliance for Reentry (STAR) as collaborative partnerships work to enhance ex-offender self-sufficiency, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety and community health in the St. Louis area. ARCHS Dec-14 $8,000
To decrease long-term recidivism rates in 30 female ex-offenders by providing aftercare services to monitor and assist clients once they leave the program. Center for Women in Transition Aug-14 $46,000
To increase self-concept, empathy, work, and parenting skills in 10 female prisoners by training service and rescue dogs for people with disabilities. C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs, Inc. Feb-14 $20,000
To help 700 recently-released prisoners re-enter society on the right foot by providing basic needs assistance and information/referral. Criminal Justice Ministry Aug-14 $50,000
To improve the self-sufficiency and quality of life for 20 ex-offenders by providing technology training as well as holistic wrap-around services. Connections to Success Dec-14 $5,000
To reduce recidivism rates in 85 ex-offenders through career training, job development, and case management, as well as placement, retention, and supportive services. Employment Connection Aug-14 $47,000
To help 15 ex-offenders become productive citizens through a variety of services, including employment and life skills training and mentoring. Exodus 8 Outreach Ministries, Inc. dba Fresh Start Project Feb-14 $25,000
To preserve the mother-daughter relationship of incarcerated parents, reduce the trauma of separation, and minimize girls' at-risk behavior through Girl Scouting and providing opportunities for 40+ girls to share positive experiences with their incarcerated mothers. Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri Aug-14 $10,000
To help 10 ex-offenders build a better future through job skills training, counseling, mentoring, GED, and spiritual guidance. Hope Outreach Ministry Feb-14 $15,000
To maintain and strengthen services during a time of leadership transition. Humanitri Dec-14 $60,000
To strengthen families and individuals as they deal with incarceration and its after-effects through jail chaplaincy, transitional housing, and case management. Humanitri Feb-14 $137,000
To decrease stress factors and increase coping mechanisms and positive behavior in 80 children with an incarcerated mother through individual and group counseling, monthly visits to see their incarcerated mother, and social outings. Let's Start, Inc. Aug-14 $30,000
To improve the success of 20 female ex-offenders returning to society through housing, job placement, spiritual development, life skills training, and other supportive services. Mission Gate Prison Ministry Aug-14 $30,000
To create better outcomes for ex-offenders through connecting them to resources and case management. Multiple Options, Inc. Feb-14 $15,000
To enhance successful reentry for 35 ex-offenders by providing peer mentoring, case management, housing, employment services, and mental health counseling for clients. Project COPE Aug-14 $35,000
To help female ex-offenders with substance abuse disorders decrease recidivism and relapse through intensive case management, substance abuse treatment, and skill building. Queen of Peace Center Aug-14 $80,000
To reduce homelessness in 130 dually diagnosed female ex-offenders through housing, substance abuse treatment, life skills planning, and other wrap-around services. Shalom House Aug-14 $30,000


Supporting Foreign-Born Populations Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To help 40 older adult immigrant/refugee survivors of torture/war trauma integrate into society by studying for and successfully passing the Naturalization Exam. Bi-Lingual International assistance Services Aug-14 $15,000
To help 40 immigrant families stabilize in the community through home ownership. Agency is a collaborative ministry between Timothy and Trinity Lutheran Churches. Caring Ministries for the City Feb-14 $84,000
To increase the health literacy and health outcomes for 2,000 Latino immigrants/refugees through case management and health/wellness education as well as help develop longer-term evaluation plan and tools. Casa de Salud Feb-14 $69,000
To help 60 Latino immigrants successfully integrate into the community through case management, basic needs and legal assistance, and financial literacy. Catholic Charities Community Services Aug-14 $78,000
To increase self-esteem, healthy family life, and positive social skills in 21 refugee youth through therapy, mentoring, tutoring, and case management. Center for Survivors of Torture and War Trauma Feb-14 $41,000
To help 700 new Americans settle into the St. Louis community. Christian Friends of New Americans Feb-14 $105,000
To better serve isolated immigrant women by recruiting additional volunteers and strengthening volunteer management practices. Immigrant & Refugee Women's Program Feb-14 $30,000
To allow four Christian immigrants to practice their religious life without fear of deportation to their home country which is unfriendly to Christians by helping them to be granted asylum in the United States. Interfaith Legal Services for Immigrants Feb-14 $20,000
To strengthen the organization's infrastructure and services to the foreign-born community by moving to a larger facility. This is a capital request to help rehab the new building. International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis Aug-14 $100,000
To help 17 abused foreign-born women obtain independence from their abuser through tutoring, group counseling, and assistance in securing employment and permanent housing. Lydia's House Aug-14 $19,000
To increase awareness of 250 immigrants/refugee on immigration issues through community education and provide non-criminal legal representation for 80 foreign-born individuals. Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project Feb-14 $40,000
To provide collaborative support for MIRA's capacity building assessment. Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates, Inc. Nov-14 $2,000
To strengthen services to refugees by purchasing new technology for ESL and computer training classes, to manage inventory, and to better communicate with the public. Oasis International Ministries Feb-14 $33,000
To help 25 refugees who are survivors of torture and who have mental health issues gain stability and economic independence through case management, employment training, and job placement/support. Places for People, Inc. Feb-14 $60,000
To improve the mental health of 120+ Latino/Hispanic individuals through individual and group counseling. Puentes de Esparanza Feb-14 $70,000
To help improve the safety and economic well-being of 60 non-English speaking foreign-born survivors of domestic violence through translation services, advocacy, and support services. ROW, Inc. Aug-14 $30,000
To help foreign-born families successfully integrate into the community by providing support for staff salaries and infrastructure. Vitendo4Africa Aug-14 $40,000

Community Involvement Grants

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To better respond to medical emergencies by purchasing two Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AEDs. Ascension Lutheran Church - St. Louis City Dec $3,900
To provide emergency funding to cover the cost for demolition of the Bethlehem Church building and debris removal. Bethlehem Lutheran Church - St. Louis City May-14 $100,000
To make new seminary students aware of Lutheran Foundation and Send Me St. Louis available resources to support social service outreach efforts. Concordia Seminary Sept-14 $1,000
To support the efforts of the Ferguson Commission to facilitate dialogue and advocate for reforms that will bring healing, justice, equity and inclusion in Ferguson and the larger St. Louis community. Ferguson Commission Dec-14 $5,000
To support CORO project to build awareness among East St. Louis residents regarding HUD housing. FOCUS St. Louis Feb-14 $1,000
To support CORO project: Washington University College Prep Program. FOCUS St. Louis Mar-14 $1,000
To support CORO Project: Comprehensive Ethnography of Our Redeemer's (Overland) Current Status. FOCUS St. Louis Mar-14 $1,000
To provide annual support for 2014. Gateway Center for Giving Jan-14 $14,000
To encourage charitable donations on May 6, 2014 by providing matching funds. Greater St. Louis Community Foundation, Inc. Feb-14 $5,000
To support program evaluation of the STL Youth Jobs program. Greater St. Louis Community Foundation, Inc. Aug-14 $6,000
To help offset costs of marketing a Prayer Walk in College Hill. LCMS National Housing Support Corporation Oct-14 $500
To support additional mental health services to area youth through 2014. Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri June-14 $10,000
To support for volunteer management and congregation social service outreach community training efforts. Lutheran Hour Ministries Dec-14 $5,000
To provide annual support for the 2014 conference. Lutheran Services in America Jan-14 $8,000
To provide annual support for 2014 and to support the 20-500 fundraising campaign. Lutheran Services in America May-14 $12,000
To provide support as the agency launches a new strategic direction which includes a more sustainable business model. Nonprofit Services Center Aug-14 $15,000
To help stimulate innovative approaches to social problems through a series of workshops and a competition focusing on implementing social enterprise concepts and developing multiple income sources for non-profit organizations. Washington University of St. Louis Aug-14 $30,000
To recognize the assistance given in filming a Serve Boldly video. 5 area organizations Dec-14 $12,000
To support attendance at the 2014 Global Leadership Summit 12 area organizations Jul-14 $950

157 Grants