Recent Grants


2015 Grants

As of 12/31/2015

Christian Volunteerism Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To provide for the needs of families of patients at area hospitals by hiring a volunteer coordinator to manage 30 volunteers who attend to the care and maintenance of the hospitality home, LIttle Bit of Haven, and assist with administration and care for the guest families. Acts 1:8 Mission Society Aug-15 $52,000
To better serve low-income residents of East St. Louis and surrounding communities by strengthening the recruitment, management, and retention of volunteers. Catholic Urban Programs Feb-15 $30,000
To better support people who are homeless and living with HIV/AIDS by strengthening the recruitment and management of volunteers.


Feb-15 $15,000
To support the revitalization of St. Louis City neighborhoods and the involvement of Christian volunteers in under-served communities by strengthening the agency's volunteer management infrastructure. LoveTheLou Aug-15 $20,000
To improve the management of over 270 volunteers - who provide over 11,000 hours of service annually reading current news, entertainment and faith-based materials to visually impaired listeners throughout the St. Louis area - by purchasing and implementing a new volunteer management database. Minds Eye div Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, Inc. Aug-15 $14,000


Congregation Social Service Outreach Ministry Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To support the outreach of 225 Abiding Savior congregation members during their Send Me event. Abiding Savior Lutheran Church & School (Mehlville) Feb-15 $2,000
To ensure the succession of Bethlehem's ministry, revitalize and expand St. Matthews' urban ministry, and enhance and grow deaf ministry in St. Louis by supporting a three year initiative of collaboration and capacity building across two congregations and three ministries. Bethlehem Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Aug-15 $300,000
To continue providing sanctuary and supporting services to people who are homeless. Bridge Outreach April-15 $5,000
To support the development of operations and sustainability planning. Christ in the City Lutheran Church (St. Louis) May-15 $10,000
To support a partnership with Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens to challenge members to engage in a one-time service opportunity during the summer of 2015. Concordia Lutheran Church (Kirkwood) April-15 $5,000
To welcome and build relationships between parents and students of the new Eagle Prep School and Emmaus congregants.
Emmaus Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) July-15 $3,000
To improve the life outcomes of 15 men who are experiencing homelessness, life transitions and low income, by providing transitional housing as well as wrap-around supportive services focused on life skills, employability, financial literacy, and home ownership. FOCUS North America Aug-15 $33,000
To improve the health and well-being of elderly members in 15 congregations and in surrounding neighborhoods in East St. Louis by equipping congregations to strengthen their outreach ministries. HealthVisions Midwest Feb-15 $43,000
To help 100 low-income youth build communication, self-expression and conflict resolution skills through after-school and summer arts programs that include drama, visual arts, music, creative writing and dance classes. Holy Cross Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Feb-15 $45,000
To offer opportunities for fellowship and spiritual development by providing free community dinners during Lent. Immanuel Lutheran Chapel (N. St. Louis County) Feb-15 $2,500
To support the congregation's social service outreach ministries. This award is made as part of the SERVE BOLDLY initiative. Immanuel Lutheran Church & School (Olivette) Feb-15 $10,000
To strengthen the social and community connections and self-sufficiency of older Chinese immigrants by hiring a part-time program coordinator for the Light of Christ Lutheran Chinese Ministry. Immanuel Lutheran Church & School (Olivette) Feb-15 $10,000
To help 80 women overcome the emotional, social and spiritual struggles of disordered eating by providing Gospel-centered education and peer support in the form of seminars, support groups, and small discipleship groups. Journey Fellowship, Inc./Karis House Aug-15 $34,000
To help Atonement students gain knowledge of healthy lifestyles, gardening, and entrepreneurship through planting and maintaining a vegetable garden, operating a farmer's market, and providing spiritual education using metaphors of plant life. Lutheran Church of the Atonement & School (Florissant) Feb-15 $11,000
To support a partnership with Concordia Lutheran Church (Kirkwood) to challenge members to engage in a one-time service opportunity during the summer 2015. Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens Aug-15 $5,000
To support a community assessment initiative to identify top community needs; and thereby, open the door for the church plant "All Nations" to share the Gospel within a trusted relationship. New Beginnings Lutheran Church (Pacific) May-15 $5,000
To support the gathering and discussion among Lutheran clergy and families regarding healthy identity and education. Peace Lutheran Church (Lemay) Oct-15 $1,000
To support congregation out-reach through a new garden on church property which will provide healthy produce to area food pantries. Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (Crestwood) Nov-15 $5,000
To support the congregation's social service outreach ministries. This award is made as part of the SERVE BOLDLY initiative. St. John Lutheran Church (Ellisville) Feb-15 $10,000
To provide food "Blessing Bags" to members for distribution to hungry homeless people as encouragement for members to "Serve Boldly". St. John's Lutheran Church & School (Arnold) April-15 $1,125
To support after-school care with mandatory participation in group tutoring and mandatory service project or life skills class. St. John's Lutheran Church & School (Arnold) July-15 $5,000
To support congregational social service outreach through a community Easter breakfast. St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School (St. Louis) March-15 $2,500
To enrich the educational, recreational, and spiritual experiences of neighborhood children during a three-week summer program.
St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School (St. Louis) July-15 $3,200
To provide hands-on service and leadership development opportunities to neighborhood youth, college interns and mission/service teams through the Mission Training Center. St. Trinity Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Feb-15 $62,000
To strengthen services to low-income individuals by connecting faith to services, providing meals, building relationships, and continuing new evaluation processes. St. Vincent De Paul Parish Feb-15 $27,000
To support the congregation's social service outreach ministries. This award is made as part of the SERVE BOLDLY initiative. Timothy Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Feb-15 $10,000
To support training through Concordia University-Ann Arbor of an intern for Family Life Ministry. Timothy Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Feb-15 $5,000
To support 12 formerly homeless families successfully transition to stability and wholeness by providing mentoring services and wrap-around support from church volunteers. Trinity Lutheran Church (Chesterfield) Aug-15 $41,000
To support congregation involvement in SERVE BOLDLY. 38 congregations Jan-15 $9,500


Lutheran Education Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian crowdfunding platform. Abiding Savior Lutheran Church & School Mar-15 $4,733
To allow 27 children of New Americans annually to attend an area Lutheran elementary or high school by providing scholarship assistance and tutoring assistance, as well as supportive services for their families. The organization will raise matching funds to support the program. Christian Friends of New Americans Feb-15 $68,000
To support the launch of two new high-quality charter schools in partnership with Lutheran congregations by supporting the salary of a Principal Fellow and funding a part-time therapist to support students in both programs. Eagle College Prep endeavor, Inc. Aug-15 $125,000
To hire an Implementation Manager to oversee the licensing and launching of two new preschool sites, the development of an online professional development program for staff and volunteers, and design and host a national conference on best practices with the goal of articulating a replicable program model. EEI Compass Educational Partners, Inc. Feb-15 $20,000
To contribute to the spiritual and character development of approximately 90 students by supporting the launch of a Christian before- and after-school program on the campus of the new EAGLE Fox Park school. EEI Compass Educational Partners, Inc. Aug-15 $150,000
To strengthen problem-solving, team work, math and science skills in Lutheran students by providing a robotics program to St. Charles County area Lutheran elementary schools. Engineering & Technology for Lutheran Youth Feb-15 $14,000
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian crowdfunding platform. Good Shepherd Lutheran Church & School (Collinsville) Aug-15 $5,000
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian crowdfunding platform. Immanuel Lutheran Church & School (Olivette) May-15 $4,363
To more effectively serve 8,000 area Lutheran school students by coordinating training, curriculum development, marketing, and support services; supporting leadership expenses of the organization; and expanding access to counseling, and teacher and parent mental health consultation. Students served by this grant attend one of the LESA member schools. Lutheran Elementary Schools Association (LESA) Feb-15 $130,000
To provide academic and mentoring support to over 250 Lutheran elementary school students in 20 Lutheran elementary schools through the services of over 115 trained intergenerational tutors from the Lutheran community. Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri Aug-15 $13,500
To strengthen the strategic and marketing plans for 25 St. Louis area Lutheran schools by gathering survey and focus group data from current and prospective students and families to measure satisfaction and understand factors influencing school choice. Lutheran High School Association Feb-15 $40,000
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian crowdfunding platform. Salem Lutheran Church & School (Affton) Oct-15 $5,000
To provide 150 students with quality Lutheran education by providing scholarships to low-income families residing in the city of St. Louis. Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation Aug-15 $40,000
To improve the educational outcomes of 190 K-8th grade students by purchasing new, enhanced curriculum over 2 years. Unity Lutheran Christian Elementary School Aug-15 $74,000
To increase school enrollment and church membership by building community awareness and increasing the school's visibility. Word of Life Lutheran School Feb-15 $50,000
To increase enrollment by developing a strategic plan that includes a sustainable business model and marketing strategies. Word of Life Lutheran School Jan-15 $17,000


Older Adults Maintaining Independence Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To improve the quality of life of 85 older ALS patients and their caregivers by providing case management, spiritual counseling, assistive technology, nutritional supplements and respite services. ALS Association - St. Louis Regional Chapter Aug-15 $19,000
To reduce caregiver stress by providing assistance to 60 families of older adults with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia including financial assistance to support respite services, assessment and care consultation, and follow up support as the disease progresses. Alzheimer's Disease & Related Disorders Assn - St. Louis Chapter Feb-15 $30,000
To reduce the social isolation of 200 older adults by providing transportation assistance, social gatherings, home visits, information & referral assistance, and respite care for families. Collinsville Area Ministerial Assn/Collinsville Faith in Action Feb-15 $32,000
To improve social connectedness and self-sufficiency by providing computer literacy classes to 100 seniors and 50 job seekers in order. Daybreak Corporation Feb-15 $4,000
To improve the health outcomes of 450 low-income seniors by providing health screening, case management, health education and home visiting services of a faith community nurse in North St. Louis. Deaconess Faith Community Nurse Ministries Feb-15 $35,000
To improve the overall health and disease management of 75 low-income older adults affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer by providing nutritional, home-cooked meals and dietician services. Food Outreach Feb-15 $25,000
To support the safety and independence of 9 senior home-owners by providing necessary home repairs, including accessibility ramps. Jefferson County Community Partnership Aug-15 $31,000
To support eight older adults maintain independence in their homes by contracting home repair services to address code violations, safety risks, and accessibility barriers. Lutheran Housing Support Feb-15 $40,000
To improve the health outcomes of older adults in LSS Affordable Housing facilities and surrounding communities by providing health and mental health screening through Telehealth Kiosks and Parish Nursing services. Lutheran Senior Services Feb-15 $384,000
To educate the community about the health and human service needs for older adults & gaps in services. Lutheran Senior Services Feb-15 $65,000
To support 850 Alzheimer's and Dementia patients and their family caregivers by providing in-home assessment, case management, and occupational therapy to ensure the implementation of skills, tools, and community resources that improve safety and quality of life. Memory Care Home Solutions Aug-15 $20,000
To ensure older adults are able to remain safe and healthy at home by providing weatherization and related repairs to 24 homes.


Feb-15 $40,000
To improve the safety, independence and social connectedness of 8-10 low-income, older adult homeowners by building ADA compliant wheelchair ramps. Rebuilding Together - St. Louis Feb-15 $45,000
To help 750 low-income older adults develop healthy lifestyles and manage chronic illness by providing health education in partnership with churches and other community organization. Rx Outreach, Inc. Feb-15 $75,000
To enable 50-100 older adults to live safely and independently at home by providing basic home maintenance and lawn care services. Safe Homes for the Elderly & Disabled (SHED) Aug-15 $9,000
To improve the quality of life and social connectedness of 350 older adults in the Webster/Kirkwood community by offering social, learning and service opportunities. Shepherd's Center Feb-15 $30,000
To continue supporting 25 low-income seniors maintain their independence and safety by providing in-home assistance (i.e. personal care, companionship, transportation, housekeeping, pet care, etc.) and geriatric case management. St. Andrew's At-Home Services, LLC dba Senior Solutions Aug-15 $40,000
To help 60 older adults continue to live independently and offer respite for their caregivers by providing an adult day program. St. John's Community Care Feb-15 $37,000
To support approximately 250 visually impaired older adults in maintaining their independence and quality of life by providing no-cost or subsidized low vision treatment, training, assistive devices, and transportation. St. Louis Society for the Blind Aug-15 $35,000
To improve the health outcomes of 100 low-income older adults by providing health assessment and monitoring, case management, and health education. Touchette Regional Hospital Feb-15 $50,000
To improve the quality of life of 15-20 widows by providing peer support, grief counseling, life skills training, home helper services, spiritual guidance, and minimal financial assistance. Zarephath Ministries, Inc. Aug-15 $16,500

Services to Ex-offenders and Their Families Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To stabilize and decrease recidivism in 200 ex-offenders and their families by providing criminal and civil legal services. ArchCity Defenders, Inc. Feb-15 $55,000
To provide 12-months of transitional support to 30 female ex-offenders after they leave CWIT's housing programs and Step Out into financial and practical independence by providing funding to subsidize housing as well as ongoing case management. Center for Women in Transition Aug-15 $64,000
To increase self-concept, empathy, work, and parenting skills in 10 female prisoners by training service and rescue dogs for people with disabilities. C.H.A.M.P. Assistance Dogs, Inc. Feb-15 $18,000
To support the successful and holistic re-integration of 50 ex-offenders by providing family reunification and intervention services in combination with wrap-around re-entry case management. Connections to Success Feb-15 $140,000
To conduct a comprehensive program evaluation and develop a replicable program model for the Release to Rent re-entry housing program. Criminal Justice Ministry Feb-15 $16,000
To break the stereotypes and stigma associated with ex-offenders re-entering society by founding a speakers bureau of at least four diverse ex-offenders who will be minimally compensated for their time to share their stories of transformation and rehabilitation with community audiences. Criminal Justice Ministry Aug-15 $7,250
To help 6-8 ex-offenders become self-sufficient and contribute positively to society through education, job skills training, and work experience. Gateway Housing Foundation Feb-15 $20,000
To strengthen families and individuals as they deal with incarceration and its after-effects through jail chaplaincy, transitional housing, and case management. Humanitri Feb-15 $142,000
To create better outcomes for ex-offenders through connecting them to resources and substance abuse treatment. Multiple Options, Inc. Feb-15 $15,000
To improve the re-entry and life outcomes of 132 female ex-offenders by providing evidence-based trauma and substance abuse treatment, and intensive case management tailored to the experiences and challenges of female ex-offenders. Queen of Peace Center Aug-15 $64,000
To bring together national thought-leaders in policy, practice and research at a conference to kick off the Smart Decarceration Initiative of the Brown School of Social Work. The Initiative will promote system-wide change necessary to reduce incarceration rates and address social disparities within the criminal justice system. Washington University Feb-15 $7,000


Supporting Foreign-Born Populations Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To assist 40 immigrant and refugee survivors of torture and trauma in their preparation for the US Naturalization exam by providing one-on-one tutoring, document assistance, and mental health advocacy. Bi-Lingual Assistant Services Aug-15 $11,000
To support the language, life and vocational skills of Burundi immigrants by purchasing necessary equipment for programming. Burundi Progressive Union Feb-15 $10,000
To develop future strategic direction and plans. Center for Survivors of Torture & War Trauma Dec-15 $4,375
To increase self-esteem, healthy family life, and positive social skills in 35 refugee youth through intensive supportive mentoring, individual and family therapy, tutoring, and case management. Center for Survivors of Torture & War Trauma Feb-15 $33,000
To enhance the language, academic, social and expression skills of students at Mason Elementary, with an emphasis on foreign-born students, by integrating arts education into the traditional curriculum. COCA - Center for Contemporary Arts Feb-15 $22,000
To assist 65 non-English speaking survivors of domestic violence in their efforts to access necessary resources and supports and advocate for their needs and rights as they work toward self-sufficiency, by providing 1700 hours of Language Advocacy services. Family Resource Center Aug-15 $23,000
To support 10 immigrant artisans and their families to develop and enhance artistic and entrepaneurial skills, earn supplemental income, and develop personal relationships with Christian mentors by enhancing the marketing and sales operations of the organization. FORAI, Inc. Aug-15 $8,000
To improve the health outcomes of foreign-born individuals by training 50 volunteers in best practices and ethics related to medical interpreting and cultural competency. Health Protection Education & Services Feb-15 $19,000
To improve the health outcomes of 80 Latinas in South St. Louis City by providing health education and coaching, exercise classes, and healthy meals. Kingdom House Aug-15 $70,000
To better serve isolated immigrant women by recruiting additional volunteers and strengthening volunteer management practices. Immigrant & Refugee Women's Program Feb-15 $25,000
To support families' rights to practice their Christian faith by legally reunifying and/or winning asylum for 40 Christian immigrants and their families by providing legal advocacy. Interfaith Legal Services for Immigrants Feb-15 $34,000
To improve the self-sufficiency and integration of 150 foreign-born individuals by providing legal representation and self-advocacy training. Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA) Feb-15 $30,000
To improve the quality of life for approximately 300 foreign-born individuals by educating them about their rights under the new Administrative Immigration Relief programs and providing legal clinics to assist with applications. Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates, Inc. Feb-15 $30,000
To help the organization strengthen its capacity to serve as a regional leader in organizing and advocating for the rights of all immigrants. This grant will also support the organization's work to convene and coordinate a collaboration of St. Louis area organizations that work with this population. Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates, Inc. Feb-15 $10,000
To support the sustainability and succession of Oasis International's ministry to immigrants and refugees by hiring a full-time administrator to formalize the organization's processes. Oasis International Ministries Aug-15 $88,000
To help 25 refugees who are survivors of torture and who have mental health issues gain stability and economic independence through case management, employment training, and job placement/support. Places for People Feb-15 $42,000
To improve the mental health of 80 Latino/Hispanic individuals through therapy (individual, group, and family) as well as community education programs. Puentes de Esparanza - Bridges of Hope Feb-15 $46,000
To improve the health outcomes, self sufficiency and family well being of 76 immigrant families by providing bi-lingual assessment, case coordination, and skills instruction. Southside Early Childhood Center Aug-15 $59,000
To improve the health outcomes of 72 newly-arrived foreign-born children and the health literacy of their families by providing a primary medical home, RN case management and mentoring to learn the American healthcare system. SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center Feb-15 $58,000
To improve the safety and well-being of children in 60 Latino families by providing case management, counseling, concrete aid, and home visitation to families in crisis. St. Louis Crisis Nursery Feb-15 $40,000

Community Involvement Grants

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To provide a forum for area Lutheran clergy to dialogue and network as well as create one voice during seasons of concern, joy, and sorrow. Forum of Lutheran Clergy of Greater St. Louis May-15 $2,000
To provide annual support for 2015. Gateway Center for Giving Jan-15 $14,000
To support LASE in celebration of the Executive Director's life and talents. Lutheran Association for Special Education Sept-15 $10,000
To support volunteer management and congregation social service outreach community training efforts. Lutheran Hour Ministries Dec-15 $7,500
To reach the unchurched and dechurched with relevant presentations of the Gospel through the use of Digital Ministries including websites, social media, and online discussions. This is a pilot project in the St. Louis community. Lutheran Hour Ministries Feb-15 $243,000
To provide annual support for 2015 Lutheran Services in America Jun-15 $2,500
To support the redevelopment of communitiies by building capacity in the Lutheran Development Group. Messiah Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) Aug-15 $187,000
To provide a memorial. Messiah Lutheran Church & School (Weldon Spring) Sept-15 $1,000
To support the closing of the organization. Shalom House Jul-15 $10,000
To investigate the causes of and reduce disproportionate minority contact of youth with the juvenie justice system. St. Louis Community Foundation, Inc. May-15 $10,000
To evaluate the outcomes of the St. Louis Youth Jobs youth employment and workforce development program St. Louis Community Foundation, Inc. Jul-15 $8,000
To provide support for the Young Leaders Fund. Wheat Ridge Ministries Jun-15 $5,000
To support participation in the 2015 Global Leadership Summit. 24 congregations & organizations Aug-15 $1,800

153 Grants