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2016 Grants

As of 12/31/2016

Christian Volunteerism Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To strengthen the organization's ability to provide Christian support and hospitality to 80 families with loved ones receiving treatment at St. Louis area hospitals by developing a strong volunteer management program. Acts 1:8 Mission Society Aug-16 $34,000
To reach new clients with enhanced early detection and support by providing increased training and support to the Faith Ambassadors and recruiting new congregations in the Faith Outreach Initiative. Alzheimer's Association - St. Louis Chapter Feb-16 $25,000
To improve the organization's volunteer recruitment, training, and management practices in order to better engage the faith community and support the organization's work on behalf of children and families in need. Caritas Family Solutions Aug-16 $38,000
To support the social, emotional, spiritual and academic development of East St. Louis youth by strengthening the organization's volunteer management practices. Christian Activity Center, Inc. Feb-16 $33,000
To improve the management of the volunteers which provide critical basic needs and support services, by hiring a volunteer manager. Community Hope Center Aug-16 $40,000
To strengthen the organization's ministries by strengthening the organization's volunteer management practices. FOCUS North America Aug-16 $32,000
To strengthen volunteer management by implementing a new volunteer management database. Habitat for Humanity of St. Charles County Feb-16 $7,000
To strengthen and expand the organization's ministry to international students by hiring a volunteer coordinator to develop recruitment, training, and management practices, which will increase the executive's capacity to strengthen the organization in other ways. International Student Ministry Feb-16 $21,000
To positively impact the lives of hurting people by encouraging and supporting Christian volunteerism and social service outreach in congregations and the community. Send Me St. Louis Jan-16 $250,000


Congregation Social Service Outreach Ministry Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To increase the financial self-sufficiency of 20 households by providing one-on-one financial coaching over a series of six sessions. Beacon of Belleville Feb-16 $12,000
To engage the community surrounding Crave Coffeehouse by providing a four-session summer family program. Christ Memorial Lutheran Church (Concord) March-16 $5,000
To improve the physical and spiritual health of 60 community members by providing personal training and wellness coaching in a Lutheran fitness center. Christ Memorial Lutheran Church (Concord) Aug-16 $23,000
To formalize and expand the congregation's ministry to families with special needs by hiring a coordinator to reach out to and ensure the inclusion of these vulnerable families. Concordia Lutheran Church (Kirkwood) Feb-16 $20,000
To increase support to 40 family caregivers of individuals with serious mental illness by providing low-cost, Christian counseling and supporting the expansion of a faith-based support group. CrossRoads Christian Counseling Feb-16 $21,500
To Support ESL work with parents of students at Woerner Elementary School. Epiphany Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) Aug-16 $4,000
To increase the computer literacy of 20 youth by providing an extended day of computer training supplemented with experiences in computer-aided art.
Grace United Methodist Church Feb-16 $4,000
To improve the health and well-being of elderly members in congregations and surrounding neighborhoods in East St. Louis by equipping congregations to strengthen their outreach ministries, and to also improve the sustainability of the program by providing matching funds to incentivize the development of new sources of financial support. HealthVisions Midwest Feb-16 $38,000
To build a sense of community within the surrounding neighborhood and to improve the self-expression of participants by engaging church and community members in creative arts classes and exhibitions. Holy Cross Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Feb-16 $30,000
To support community outreach and spreading the Gospel during Lent through two free fish dinners. Immanuel Lutheran Chapel (St. Louis County) Mar-16 $2,500
To help 94 women overcome the emotional, social and spiritual struggles of disordered eating by providing Gospel-centered education and peer support in the form of seminars, support groups, and small discipleship groups. Journey Fellowship, Inc. Aug-16 $26,000
To match funds raised by the congregation to provide families affected by the December 2015 floods with immediate and basic needs. Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens Feb-16 $10,000
To support and strengthen a community-based ministry in partnership with Transfiguration Lutheran church by providing necessary equipment and re-location services. Lutheran Community Center April-16 $10,000
To create a more hospitable and welcoming environment by making improvements to the facilities of a Lutheran social enterprise. Lutheran Resale Shop Aug-16 $10,000
To support monthly connecting Messiah and Eagle College Prep Tower Grove East/Compass scholars and their families with a quick meal, character devotion and praise song. Messiah Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) Sept-16 $5,000
To catalyze and support the outreach efforts of St. Louis area LCMS congregations by providing coaches and facilitators. Missouri District of the LCMS Aug-16 $8,000
To provide language education and recreation activities to foreign-born families within a Christian community. Peace Lutheran Church (Lemay) Mar-16 $4,000
To impart hope, opportunities, and a positive view of the future to 100 Ferguson youth by providing afterschool programming designed to expose children to new experiences and the Gospel. Salvation Army Midland Divisional Headquarters Aug-16 $105,000
To help 20 at-risk youth develop positive life skills and strengthen academic skills through a weekly after-school program. The Word at Shaw Fab-16 $20,000
To develop and establish the St. John's Care Connections ministry by assessing community needs, developing collaborative partnerships, and developing processes to invite congregation volunteers into the lives of those being served. St. John's Lutheran Church (Arnold) Feb-16 $70,000
To improve the congregation's outreach to and care of the community by hiring a dedicated staff person to formalize and sustain the ministry. St. John's Lutheran Church & School (Ellisville) Aug-16 $31,000
To provide hands-on service and leadership development opportunities to neighborhood youth, college interns and mission/service teams through the summer Mission Training Center. St. Trinity Lutheran Church (St. Louis) Feb-16 $24,000
To support the spiritual growth, life skills, and cultural integration of 20 new Lutheran immigrant youth and their families by recruiting and equipping Lutheran mentors. Timothy Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) Aug-16 $12,000
To support preparing the congregation for the upcoming transition to a new senior pastor through a Catalytic Visioning process. Timothy Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) Aug-16 $1,900
To strengthen and sustain the ministry of Lutheran Community Center and to support collaboration with Transfiguration Lutheran Church by supporting facility improvements that will allow for co-location and further collaboration. Transfiguration Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) April-16 $20,000
To support a three-week art/dance summer camp for girls in the Carr Square neighborhood. Transfiguration Lutheran Church (St. Louis City) May-16 $4,817
To support 12 formerly homeless families to successfully transition to stability and wholeness by providing mentoring services and wrap-around support from church volunteers. Trinity Lutheran Church (Chesterfield) Aug-16 $25,000
To provide school readiness supplies and services to the families of children ages K-12 in Hillsboro. Zion Lutheran Church (HIllsboro) April-16 $5,000


Lutheran Education Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To allow 27 children of New Americans annually to attend an area Lutheran elementary or high school by providing scholarship assistance and tutoring assistance, as well as supportive services for their families. The organization will raise matching funds to support the program. Christian Friends of New Americans Feb-16 $61,000
To support the launch of a new high-quality charter school in partnership with Lutheran congregations by supporting the salary of a Principal Fellow at Eagle 4 and funding a part-time counselor at Eagle-Tower Grove East. Eagle College Prep Endeavor, Inc. Aug-16 $125,000
To contribute to the spiritual and character development of approximately 75 students by supporting the launch of a Christian before- and after-school program on the campus of the new EAGLE Tower Grove East school. EEI Compass Educational Partners, Inc. Aug-16 $150,000
To more effectively serve 8,000 area Lutheran school students by coordinating training, curriculum development, marketing, and support services; supporting leadership expenses of the organization; and expanding access to counseling, and teacher and parent mental health consultation. Students served by this grant attend one of the 31 LESA member schools. Lutheran Elementary School Association Feb-16 $116,000
To improve the academic and social skills of 125 Lutheran elementary school students by providing intergenerational, Lutheran tutors. Lutheran Family & Children's Services of Missouri Aug-16 $40,500
To plan for the future by developing a new strategic plan. Lutheran High School Association Nov-16 $25,000
To improve the sustainability and vibrancy of the school by creating a position for and hiring an Admissions Director who will outreach to the community to increase enrollment and also serve as a resource to other struggling schools in the area by providing free guidance and training. Messiah Lutheran Church & School (Weldon Spring) Feb-16 $156,500
To provide 150 students with quality Lutheran education by providing scholarships to low-income families residing in the city of St. Louis. Today & Tomorrow Educational Foundation Aug-16 $40,000


Older Adults Maintaining Independence Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To improve the quality of life of 85 older ALS patients and their caregivers by providing case management, spiritual counseling, assistive technology, nutritional supplements and respite services. ALS Association - St. Louis Regional Chapter Aug-16 $14,000
To reduce the social isolation of 200 older adults by providing transportation assistance, social gatherings, home visits, information & referral assistance, and respite care for families. Collinsville Faith in Action Feb-16 $25,000
To improve the health outcomes of 450 low-income seniors by providing health screening, case management, health education and home visiting services of a faith community nurse in North St. Louis. Deaconess Faith Community Nurse Ministries Feb-16 $27,000
To improve the overall health and disease management of 75 low-income older adults affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer by providing nutritional, home-cooked meals and dietician services. Food Outreach Feb-16 $19,000
To improve the quality of life and independence of seniors by building 4 accessibility ramps and making 22 minor home repairs. Jefferson County Community Partnership Aug-16 $25,000
To help support 5 older adults maintain independence in their homes by contracting home repair services to address code violations, safety risks, and accessibility barriers and provide support to an additional 10 homeowners through the work of a community outreach coordinator. LCMS National Housing Support Corporation Feb-16 $30,000
To support 450 Alzheimers and Dementia patients and their family caregivers by providing in-home assessment, case management, and occupational therapy to ensure the implementation of skills, tools, and community resources that improve safety and quality of life. Memory Care Home Solutions Aug-16 $16,000
To ensure older adults are able to remain safe and healthy at home by providing weatherization and related repairs to 24 homes. Missouri Energy Care Feb-16 $30,000
To improve the safety and independence of seniors by providing necessary home modifications and repairs to 13 homes using the services of skilled, Christian volunteers. New City Fellowship of St. Louis Feb-16 $70,000
To continue supporting 25 low-income seniors maintain their independence and safety by providing in-home assistance (i.e. personal care, companionship, transportation, housekeeping, pet care, etc.) and geriatric case management. Senior Solutions Aug-16 $30,000
To improve the quality of life and social connectedness of 350 older adults in the Webster/Kirkwood community by offering social, learning and service opportunities. Shepherd's Center of Webster-Kirkwood Feb-16 $26,000
To reduce the stress of 150 caregivers, thereby improving the quality of life for their loved ones and themselves, by providing support groups, care planning, and workshops. St. John's Community Care Aug-16 $40,000
To provide funding for meals to seniors during a one-week lapse in St. Louis Area Agency on Aging's grant funds. St. Louis Activity Center June-16 $2,500
To support approximately 700 visually impaired older adults in maintaining their independence and quality of life by providing no-cost or subsidized low vision treatment, training, assistive devices, and transportation. St. Louis Society for the Blind & Visually Impaired Aug-16 $26,000
To provide an age-friendly website for seniors to connect with foreign-borns via video-conferencing. This will improve the mental well-being of seniors and assist ESL learners through conversational sessions. Table Wisdom April-16 $10,000
To improve the health outcomes of 100 low-income older adults by providing health assessment and monitoring, case management, and health education. Touchette Regional Hospital Feb-16 $37,000
To help 15 low-income older adults maintain independence by providing minor home repairs/improvements. Webster-Rock Hill Ministries Feb-16 $30,000

Services to Ex-offenders and Their Families Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To support the successful re-entry of ex-offenders by providing free legal services that resolve barriers to employment, family reunification, and self-sufficiency. ArchCity Defenders Feb-16 $55,000
To increase the capacity, reach, and impact of the St. Louis Alliance for Re-Entry (STAR) by funding a part-time staff position devoted to recruiting members, managing programs, and curating resources for re-entry providers. Area Resources for Community & Human  Services (ARCHS) Feb-16 $47,000
To improve the organization's sustainability by strengthening the fund development skills of the CEO during a twelve month learning cohort at the Brown School of Social Work. Center for Women in Transition Jan-16 $1,500
To provide 12-months of transitional support to 30 female ex-offenders after they leave CWIT's housing programs and Step Out into financial and practical independence by providing funding to subsidize housing as well as ongoing case management. Center for Women in Transition Aug-16 $48,000
To reduce recidivism rates in 85 ex-offenders through career training, job development, and case management, as well as placement, retention, and supportive services. Employment Connection Feb-16 $35,000
To support the successful re-entry of 40 ex-offenders impacted by trauma by providing supplemental mental health services for participants in the Training to Work and Family Formation programs. Fathers' Support Center, St. Louis Aug-16 $60,000
To investigate the causes of and reduce disproportionate minority contact (DMC) of youth with the juvenile justice system by developing and facilitating Implicit Bias Training, Racial Equity Teams, and policy recommendations in St. Louis City Public School. St. Louis Community Foundation Aug-16 $10,000
To strengthen families and individuals as they deal with incarceration and its after-effects through jail chaplaincy, transitional housing, and case management. Humanitri Feb-16 $135,000
To strengthen the organization's programming and sustainability by funding the development of a new strategic plan. Let's Start Feb-16 $6,000
To improve the employment readiness and retention of 75 ex-offenders by creating a dedicated staff position to develop employment opportunities and provide pre-employment training and ongoing support for job retention. Mission Gate Feb-16 $55,000
To increase the employment readiness and develop the leadership skills of 120 male ex-offenders by providing Biblically based character and leadership development, pre-employment training, mentoring, and ongoing support to retain employment. Mission St. Louis Feb-16 $60,000
To support the successful re-entry of 80 ex-offenders as they graduate from the Justice Center by providing comprehensive wrap-around and substance abuse treatment services. Preferred Family Health Care Feb-16 $42,000
To improve the mental health stability and continuity of care for Missouri ex-offenders released to the St. Louis area by providing 90 days of necessary prescription medication upon release from prison, until a medical home can be established. RX Outreach Feb-16 $65,000
To improve the re-entry and life outcomes of 132 female ex-offenders by providing evidence-based trauma and substance abuse treatment, and intensive case management tailored to the experiences and challenges of female ex-offenders and to conduct an evaluation of the program in order to demonstrate its efficacy as a promising practice. Queen of Peace Center Aug-16 $54,000


Supporting Foreign-Born Populations Funding Focus Area

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To improve the mental health, family relationships, and social emotional skills of 22 immigrant/refugee youth and their families by providing therapeutic mentoring and family therapy. Center for Survivors of Torture & War Trauma Feb-16 $25,000
To assist 65 non-English speaking survivors of domestic violence in their efforts to access necessary resources and advocate for their needs and rights as they work toward self-sufficiency, by providing 1700 hours of Language Advocacy services. Family Resource Center Aug-16 $23,000
To improve the language proficiency, life skills, and self-sufficiency of 175 foreign-born women by providing in-home English language education and life skills training. Immigrant & Refugee Women's Program Feb-16 $30,000
To improve the health outcomes of 80 Latinas in South St. Louis City by providing health education and coaching, exercise classes, and healthy meals. Kingdom House Aug-16 $53,000
To improve the self-sufficiency of 6-8 foreign born survivors of domestic violence by providing culturally competent advocacy, case management, and life skills training. Lydia's House Feb-16 $12,000
To improve the self-sufficiency and integration of 150 foreign-born individuals by providing legal representation and self-advocacy training. Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA) Feb-16 $22,000
To support hiring an additional attorney to handle asylum cases transferred with the closing of ILSI. Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA) Aug-16 $10,000
To strengthen the collaboration and coordination of the Immigrant Service Provider Network (ISPN) by recruiting new participants and service providers, curating resources, hosting educational programs, and convening providers. Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA) Feb-16 $20,000
To improve the quality of life for approximately 300 foreign-born individuals by educating them about their rights under the new Administrative Immigration Relief programs and providing legal clinics to assist with applications. Missouri Immigrant & Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA) Feb-16 $12,000
To improve the health and safety outcomes of a total of 340 infants over three years by providing native language community health services paired with nurse home visiting. Nurses for Newborns Aug-16 $75,000
To improve the mental health status or awareness of 50 foreign-born individuals by providing culturally competent, native-language community education workshops, support groups, and individual and family counseling. Puentes de Esparanza - Bridges of Hope Feb-16 $34,000
To improve the health status and outcomes of 192 children of immigrants and/or refugees by providing pediatric health and developmental screenings, in-home health education, navigation support, and follow-up case management. SSM Cardinal Glennon children's Hospital Feb-16 $43,000
To help 80 Latino immigrants successfully integrate into the community through case management, basic needs and legal assistance, and financial literacy training. St. Francis Community Services Feb-16 $58,000
To improve the mental health of 60 Latino families by providing evidence-based, native language individual, group, and family therapy as well as case management. St. Louis Crisis Nursery Feb-16 $32,000
To support the health education, entrepreneurship, and social support of African refugees and immigrants in North St. Louis County by supporting the general operations, outreach, and programming of the organization. Vitendo4Africa Feb-16 $35,000

Community Involvement Grants

People Served Through Award Date Amount
To help fund a Marketplace of Ideas collaborative grant supporting a free summer camp for youth in the Dutchtown neighborhood. Gene Slay's Boys' Club of St. Louis May-16 $5,000
To improve the life outcomes of 20 high risk teens by providing mentoring, pre-employment training, and spiritual development. LOVEtheLOU Aug-16 $40,000
To sustain the vital ministry at Christ in the City Lutheran Church/Crave Coffee House by supporting the due diligence necessary to facilitate a transfer to/merger with Christ Memorial Lutheran Church/ Reliant. Lutheran Development Group May-16 $10,000
To provide annual support for 2016. Lutheran Social Services of America June-16 $2,500
To support the development of additional research exploring Millennials and their faith-involvement.  Siebert Lutheran Foundation July-16 $10,000
To train Lutheran churches and faith-based organizations in video storytelling techniques so they can better communicate their stories to the community. St. Louis Regional Public Media/Nine Network of Public Media Feb-16 $53,000
To provide annual support for 2016. Gateway Center for Giving Jan-16 $14,000
To encourage charitable donations on May 3, 2016 (Give STL Day) by providing matching funds. St. Louis Community Foundation Mar-16 $5,000
To support the ongoing evaluation of a youth employment initiative, to assess impact on the employment status and educational outcomes of youth participants. St. Louis Community Foundation Aug-16 $8,000
To help fund a Marketplace of Ideas collaborative grant supporting a free art and leadership summer camp for youth in the Dutchtown neighborhood. South Broadway Art Project May-16 $5,000
To support churches and nonprofits in attending the Global Leadership Summit. 19 area congregations & nonprofits Aug-16 $1,425

102 Grants