Congregation Outreach &

Send Me St. Louis


Send Me St. Louis' vision is to see the Church engage its unique role in the community to transform lives. Funded by a generous grant from Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, the agency provides capacity-building services to area churches and organizations to help them more effectively reach out to and serve their communities as well as equip their people for more impactful volunteer service.

Send Me's services reflect a commitment to support pastors as well as congregation and faith-based organization leaders who are striving to develop their volunteers’ gifts, skills, and passions for service. Send Me equips and inspires congregations and faith-based agencies as they develop systems to strengthen their volunteer management activities and as they explore, launch new, or strengthen existing social service outreach ministries.


Send Me accomplishes this through the following ways:

  • on-line resources
  • group trainings
  • one-on-one coaching
  • networking opportunities
  • referrals

To learn more about Send Me St. Louis and available services, click here.