Christian Volunteerism

Funding Strategy

Funding Goal

To strengthen Christian volunteerism by increasing the capacity of and supporting congregations and faith-based organizations in equipping people for effective service, thereby positively impacting the lives of hurting people.

Target Population

Our grant support will focus on Christian congregations, social service outreach ministries, and faith-based organizations.

Impact Areas

Impact Areas describe, in broad terms, the measurable change within each Funding Focus Area that Lutheran Foundation would like to see in the lives of those served by Grantees.  Impact Areas allow the Foundation to aggregate outcomes across multiple Grantees to determine our community impact.

Organizations seeking funding from the Foundation must demonstrate how their program will address one or more of the following Impact Areas:


  • Impact Area #1: Congregations, faith-based organizations, and social service outreach ministries have in place a quality volunteer management system.
  • Impact Area #2: Congregations, faith-based organizations, and social service outreach ministries intentionally connect volunteer service with Biblical teaching.
  • Impact Area #3: Congregations, faith-based organizations and social service outreach ministries are better able to meet their mission through the involvement of volunteers.

Potential Funding Interests

Lutheran Foundation will consider expenses related to implementing a new quality volunteer management program or improving an existing volunteer management program. While the Foundation will consider requests to fund a Volunteer Coordinator position, the Foundation is more interested in funding new rather than existing positions.

In general, the Foundation will not fund all costs associated with the volunteer management program.

Multi-Year Funding
Lutheran Foundation is open to providing grant support for more than one year for a particular program (typically awarded annually), although funding for the same program is usually limited to a total of two (2) years.  Tracking and reporting requirements will increase with each subsequent year of funding.  For more information, see the Application & Reporting Requirements section and/or the User's Guide.

Beyond Funding
Lutheran Foundation is interested in seeing our grantees’ efforts thrive.  Thus, in addition to providing funding, the Foundation partners with Send Me St. Louis to offer capacity building support to area congregations and faith-based organizations through trainings and one-on-one consultation to:  

  • Equip congregations and faith-based organizations with tools and knowledge;
  • Inspire congregations and faith-based organizations with faith tools, resources, and stories; and
  • Help congregations and faith-based organizations participate in meaningful acts of service.


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