2017 Grants

Christian Volunteerism Funding Focus Area

To reach new clients with enhanced early detection and support by recruiting new churches and strengthening training and support for existing churches who help identify people with dementia or Alzheimer's, provide education for parishioners, and connect them to the agency's services.


To support the social, emotional, spiritual and academic development of East St. Louis youth by strengthening the organization's volunteer management practices.


 To improve the organization's volunteer recruitment, training, and management practices in order to better engage the faith community and support the organization's work on behalf of children and families in need.


To expand the recruitment and managment of 350+ volunteers through the hiring of a new Volunteer Coordinator.


To strengthen and expand the organization's ministry to international students by employing a Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, train, and supervise volunteers, which will increase the organization's capacity to raise additional funds.


To positively impact the lives of hurting people by encouraging and supporting Christian volunteerism and social service outreach in congregations and the community.


Congregation Social Service Outreach Ministry Funding Focus Area

To increase the financial self-sufficiency of 25 low-income households by providing one-on-one financial coaching.


To improve community health through expansion of an affordable, organically-based food co-op.


To expand Sidewalk Sunday School to the 100+ children who live near the Lutheran Hope Center in Ferguson.


To continue expanding the congregation's ministry to families with special needs by reaching out to and ensuring the inclusion of these vulnerable families in the life of the congregation.


To fund improvements to the church building for a new Mother's Day Out Program.


To increase support to 45 family caregivers of individuals with serious mental illness by providing low-cost, Christian counseling and faith-based support groups.


To provide tutoring and parent education to 28+ third to fifth grade students and their families through the Family First Program.


To build a sense of community within the surrounding neighborhood and to improve the self-expression of participants by engaging Eagle Prep -Gravois Park school children and Gravois Park community members in creative arts classes and exhibitions.


To strengthen the social and community connections and self-sufficiency of older Chinese immigrants by expanding the hours of the Center Director for the Light of Christ-St. Louis Christian Community Center.


In partnership with Unity Lutheran Church to revitalize an East St. Louis neighborhood by repairing homes, beautifying the community, and providing financial education classes.


To create an uplifting and dignified environment for clients of Thrive through remodeling part of the agency's facility, which builds on the congregation's existing relationship with the organization.


To provide support for 5 congregrations to attend the Black Ministry Conference in New Orleans.


To offer two musical events with the Adrianna String Quartet benefitting 280 community members and students with a Good Friday message and Christan witness.


To enable 30 students to identify their God-given gifts and enjoy creative opportunities to develop those gifts through music lessons, arts enrichment, discipleship, mentoring and academic counseling.


To prepare 18 low-income youth for economic independence through Christ-centered vocational training, mentoring, volunteer service, leadership development, and discipleship.


To improve the lives of 30 community members seeking assistance from St. John who can be supported by Christ in Action team members and a part-time Social Worker.


To continue to expand the Care Connections ministry by assessing community needs, developing collaborative partnerships, and creating opportunities to invite congregational volunteers into the lives of those being served.


To reduce isolation in older adults and hunger in community residents through a weekly senior center program and weekly meal.


To provide transportation assistance to community youth to attend an afterschool program and for older adult outreach ministry through the purchase of a van.


To offer testing supplies and workshops in its diabetes prevention and management education program to church and community members.


To create positive learning experiences for 45+ youth through a character building summer arts and sports camp.


To prepare families for back to school through providing needed services (haricuts, etc) and supplies on "Grace Day."


To work with Hillsboro, Dunklin, and Festus School Counselors to provide new shoes for students in need.


Ex-offender and Family Services Funding Focus Area

To support the successful re-entry of ex-offenders by providing free legal services that resolve barriers to employment, family reunification, and self-sufficiency.


Area Resources for Community & Human Services (ARCHS)

To increase the capacity, reach, and impact of the St. Louis Alliance for Reentry (STAR) by developing a new strategic plan.


To build resiliency skills and strengthen the relationship of 370 youth with an incarcerated parent by matching them with a Big Brother/Big Sister.


To help 150 women transition from the criminal justice system to the St. Louis community by providing direct assistance including food cards, bus passes, and subsidies for medical, dental and mental healthcare.


To help 30 female ex-offenders improve their long-term success by providing 12-months of transitional support that includes housing assistance and ongoing case management.


Communities First

To provide 20 ex-offenders or their family members with entrepreneurial training including business plan development, financing strategies and business management workshops.


To drive organizational growth, new donors, and program replication through implementing a new marketing plan and conducting an IT assessment.


To strengthen the agency's long-term sustainability by developing a new department focused on community relations, fundraising, capacity building, and collaboration.


To help 600 recently-released ex-offenders through basic needs assistance (hygiene items, clothing, bus passes, and utility assistance), housing, information and referral, and support.


To help ex-offenders improve their long-term success by providing 12-months of transitional support that includes housing assistance and ongoing case management.


To reduce recidivism rates in 85 ex-offenders through career training, job development, and case management, as well as placement, retention, and supportive services.


To reduce recidivism rates in 40 high-risk ex-offenders through mental health services, housing, career training, job development, and case management, as well as supportive services.


To strengthen families and individuals that were part of the criminal justice system through jail chaplaincy, transitional housing, and case management.


Jacob's Journeys

To develop competitive and marketable skills with 10 ex-offenders through an employment program offering car repair and construction job training and services.


To help 15 women heal from causes and consequences of incarceration through a pilot transformational writing program.


Magdalene St. Louis

To improve the lives of 11 women who have suffered from sexual exploitation as they successfully re-enter society after spending time in prision/jail/probation.


To improve the employment readiness and retention of 75 ex-offenders by developing employment opportunities and providing pre-employment training and ongoing support for job retention.


To support 75 ex-offenders with employment services and an aftercare program that will include assistance with job searching, applying, and training, as well as resources (housing, food, clothing, transportation) and mental health services.


To increase the employment readiness and develop the leadership skills of 80 male ex-offenders by providing Biblically based character and leadership development, pre-employment training, mentoring, and ongoing support to retain employment.


To support the successful re-entry of 120 ex-offenders as they graduate from the St. Louis County Justice Center by providing comprehensive wrap-around and substance abuse treatment services.


Provident, Inc.

To prevent future domestic violence and sexual abuse in 375 offenders through intensive counseling and case management.


To improve the mental and physical health and continuity of care for 1,000 Missouri ex-offenders released to the St. Louis area by providing 90 days of necessary prescription medication upon release from prison, until a medical home can be established.


To support SLPS staff in attending a Reentry Conference in California.


Tri-County Advisory Board to Probation and Parole

To enhance opportunities for 35 ex-offenders on probation/parole to remain in society by providing financial assistance to address barriers to success.


Supporting Foreign-Born Populations Funding Focus Area
Bilingual International Assistant Services
To assist 150 immigrant and refugee survivors of torture and trauma in their preparation for the US Naturalization exam by providing one-on-one volunteer tutoring, benefit enrollment, legal paperwork assistance, and health screenings.


Bilingual International Assistant Services
To expand mental health services to an additional 45 immigrant and refugee youth in Project Safe Space for comprehensive trauma-informed assessment, psychotherapeutic intervention, teacher training sessions/coaching, and parent support.


Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation
To improve the health status and outcomes of 120 children of immigrants and/or refugees by providing pediatric health and developmental screenings, in-home health education, navigation support, and follow-up case management.


Casa de Salud
To offer accessible and coordinated mental health services for low income, uninsured foreign-born patients through a building expansion for the Mental Health Collaborative.


To assist 65 non-English speaking survivors of domestic violence in their efforts to access necessary resources and advocate for their needs and rights as they work toward self-sufficiency, by providing 1,700 hours of language advocacy services.


Epworth Children & Family Services, Inc.
To support 13 non-English speaking families and children at risk for child abuse/neglect by expanding access to translation services to work with a family therapist.


To support infrastructure expansion to increase the number of immigrant and refugee women who can develop their artistic and entrepreneurial skills and earn supplemental income.


Health Protection Education & Services
To improve the health outcomes for prediabetic and diabetic foreign-born individuals by reducing cultural barriers with peer facilitators offering healthcare education workshops, language translation, and follow-up services.


Immigrant & Refugee Women's Program
To improve the language proficiency, life skills, and self-sufficiency of 250 foreign-born women by providing in-home English language education and life skills training.


International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis
To assist recently resettled refugees by providing extended supportive services, such as case management, counseling, naturalization services, cultural/English classes, and employment services.


International Institute of Metropolitan St. Louis
To pilot a community engagement model by recruiting an additional 45 volunteers and 15 partner organizations, who are predominately faith-based, to support refugees throughout the resettlement process and the creation of a Community Partner Advisory Committee.


Kingdom House
To improve the health outcomes of 50 Latinas in South St. Louis City by providing health education and coaching, exercise classes, and healthy meals.


Lydia's House
To improve the self-sufficiency of 7-9 foreign born survivors of domestic violence by providing culturally competent housing and support services.


Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA)
To improve the self-sufficiency and integration of 50 foreign-born individuals by providing legal representation for those seeking asylum and immigrant benefits.


Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA)
To send three staff members to a conference to learn about changes in immigration policies and practices to better inform their work with clients and provide an update to the Immigrant Service Providers Network.


Migrant & Immigrant Community Action Project (MICA)
To increase legal services to immigrants with additional workshops, clinics and representation by strengthening the organization's administrative, technological, and volunteer management capacity.


Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA)
To help the organization strengthen its capacity to serve as a regional leader in organizing and advocating for the rights of all immigrants.


Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA)
To strengthen the collaboration and coordination of the Immigrant Service Provider Network (ISPN) by recruiting new participants and service providers, curating resources, hosting educational programs, and convening providers.


Missouri Immigrant and Refugee Advocates, Inc. (MIRA)
To provide backbone support for a collaborative effort among immigrant legal service providers offering "Know Your Rights" presentations, Power of Attorney workshops, legal clinics, and trainings to agencies.


Oasis International Ministries
To support the sustainability and succession of this ministry to immigrants and refugees by employing a full-time administrator to formalize the organization's processes, so that the founders can focus their skills, passion, and energy on raising financial support.


Puentes de Esperanza - Bridges of Hope
To connect 260 immigrant families to services through a Welcoming Center, a one stop shop initiative providing intake and assessment, crisis intervention, case management, and educational opportunities.


SouthSide Early Childhood Center
To improve the health outcomes, self-sufficiency and wellbeing of 50 immigrant families by providing bilingual assessment, case coordination, and skills instruction.


St. Francis Community Services
To help 100 Latino immigrants successfully integrate into the community through case management, basic needs and legal assistance, and financial literacy training.


St. Francis Community Services
To increase capacity to respond to a rise in demand for immigrant and refugee services by providing adult bilingual counseling, transportation, legal services, and conducting strategic planning.


St. Louis Crisis Nursery
To improve the mental health of 60 Latino families by providing evidence-based individual, group, and family therapy as well as case management.


St. Louis Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America
To educate and help churches respond to refugees and immigrants in their community by assisting in discernment, equipping with training, and providing opportunities for engagement.


To support the health education, entrepreneurship, and social support of African refugees and immigrants in North St. Louis County by supporting the general operations, outreach, and programming of the organization.


Lutheran Education Funding Focus Area
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
To provide before and aftercare Christian education to children in the Hyde Park neighborhood who attend The Arch Community School (TACS) charter school.


Christian Friends of New Americans
To allow 27 children of New Americans annually to attend an area Lutheran elementary or high school by providing scholarship assistance and tutoring assistance, as well as supportive services for their families.


EEI Compass Educational Partners, Inc.
To contribute to the spiritual and character development of approximately 75 students by supporting the launch of a Christian before and after school program on the campus of the new EAGLE Gravois Park School (Holy Cross).


Grace Lutheran Chapel & School
To improve the sustainability and vibrancy of the school by creating a position for and hiring a Student Admissions Director/Event Planner who will outreach to the community to increase enrollment at the school.


Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA)
To more effectively serve 9,000 area Lutheran school students by coordinating training, curriculum development, marketing, and support services; supporting leadership expenses of the organization; and expanding access to counseling, and teacher and parent mental health consultation.


Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA)
To secure services and resources of the LCMS Foundation for first-year implementation and launch of an intentional planned giving program.


Lutheran Elementary School Association (LESA)
To support the transition for LESA member schools from using the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) to the Iowa Assessment, Form G to access student achievement and academic progress.


Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation
To provide 160 students with a quality Lutheran education by providing scholarships to low-income children residing in the City of St. Louis.


Zion Lutheran Church & School (Belleville)
To support the school's fundraising efforts through Wheat Ridge Ministries 'WeRaise' Christian Crowdfunding platform by matching funds up to $5,000 per school.


Older Adults Independence Funding Focus Area
Collinsville Faith In Action
To reduce the social isolation of 200 older adults by providing transportation assistance, social gatherings, home visits, information and referral assistance, and respite care for families.


Community Treatment, Inc. (COMTREA)
To expand and strengthen volunteer engagement within the Tails for Tales program which provides canine therapy to older adults.


Deaconess Faith Community Nurse Ministries
To improve the health outcomes of 350 low-income seniors by providing health screening, case management, health education and home visiting services of a faith community nurse in North St. Louis.


Emmaus Homes, Inc.
To provide intentional spiritual care case management (via a chaplain) to 85 older adults with developmental disabilities.


Food Outreach, Inc.
To improve the overall health and disease management of 75 low-income older adults affected by HIV/AIDS or cancer by providing nutritional, home-cooked meals and dietician services.


Lutheran Senior Services
To provide support for the St. Louis City Senior Citizens Service Fund.


Mid-East Area Agency on Aging Foundation
To increase capacity in data tracking and quality for a community based program through a discovery process identifying needs and potential solutions in an IT system.


MindsEye Radio
To decrease isolation and depression in older adults who have lost their eyesight through audio broadcasts of local and national news, entertainment, and faith-based materials.


Shepherd's Center of Webster-Kirkwood
To improve the quality of life and social connectedness of 180 older adults in the Webster/Kirkwood community by offering social, learning, and service opportunities.


Touchette Regional Hospital
To improve the health outcomes of 170 low-income older adults by providing health assessment and monitoring, case management, and health education.


Other Grants

Gateway Center for Giving
To provide annual support for 2017.


GlobalHack, Inc.
To complete the project started at GlobalHack VI to develop a software solution that could be used by multiple homeless providers in the Continuum of Care in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area.


HealthVisions Midwest
To improve the health and wellbeing of elderly members in congregations and surrounding neighborhoods in East St. Louis by equipping congregations to strengthen their outreach ministries, and to also improve the sustainability of the program by providing matching funds to incentivize the development of new sources of financial support.


Lutheran Hour Ministries
To support for volunteer management and congregation social service outreach community training efforts.


Lutheran Hour Ministries
To better understand the state of evangelism in the digital age and how faith and culture intersect in order to identify strategies for Christians to share the Gospel through digital media.


To improve the life outcomes of 25 high risk teens by providing mentoring, pre-employment training, and spiritual development.


Lutheran Development Group
To provide materials for a Marketplace of Ideas, youth employment and beautification program.


Lutheran Services in America
To provide annual support for 2017 and support for the Realizing the Promise Campaign.


New Covenant Legal Services
To address the legal needs of 125 low-income individuals through low cost, Christ-centered legal services.


St. Louis Community Foundation, Inc.
To encourage charitable donations on May 11, 2017 (Give STL Day) by providing matching funds.


Grand Total

109 Grants