Lutheran Schools & Organizations

Funding Goals

  • To support a system of St. Louis area Lutheran schools dedicated to excellence in Christian education.
  • To support Lutheran organizations who partner with local Lutheran congregations to strengthen the impact of congregation community engagement and the congregations themselves.


Lutheran churches, schools, and organizations have a long history of responding to community needs. Lutheran churches and schools have always had a symbiotic relationship, with Lutheran schools serving as one of the best tools congregations have to tell the story of Jesus Christ to the next generation. Similarly, since the mid-1800’s, a number of Lutheran organizations including Lutheran Hospital, the predecessor to Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, have also engaged in meeting the needs of the greater St. Louis community. Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis honors this legacy of service by directing funding towards ensuring that families of our community have an opportunity to send their children to a Lutheran school of their choice as well as strengthening mutually beneficial partnerships between Lutheran organizations and congregations.


Outcomes describe, in broad terms, the measurable change within each Funding Focus Area that Lutheran Foundation would like to see in the lives of those served by grantees. Outcomes allow the Foundation to aggregate indicators across multiple grantees to determine our community impact.

Lutheran schools and organizations seeking funding from the Foundation must demonstrate how their project will address one or more of the following outcomes:

Lutheran Schools


Those served by Lutheran schools experience improved academic outcomes.


Children in the St. Louis community have access to a quality Lutheran education.


Lutheran schools are better able to meet their mission.

Lutheran organizations


Lutheran organizations are better able to meet their mission through mutually beneficial partnerships with Lutheran congregations.


Lutheran congregations are better able to meet community needs.


Those served by Lutheran organization-congregation partnerships experience improved outcomes.