Older Adults Maintaining Independence

Funding Goal

To foster optimal health and wellness for older adults enabling them to live safe, productive, and independent lives.


With a growing older adult population, challenges exist on how to provide quality services that allow older Americans to receive adequate mental and physical care, services that permit them to age with dignity in their own homes and outlets for continued contribution to their communities long after they have left the workforce.

Through grant support, the Foundation will invest in programs and services which foster the optimal health and wellness of older adults in the St. Louis area. Lutheran Foundation seeks to support services which address preventative and continued care, permit functional independence and allow older adults to participate and contribute meaningfully in their congregations and communities.


Outcomes describe, in broad terms, the measurable change within each Funding Focus Area that Lutheran Foundation would like to see in the lives of those served by grantees. Outcomes allow the Foundation to aggregate indicators across multiple grantees to determine our community impact.

Organizations seeking funding from the Foundation must demonstrate how their program will address one or more of the following outcomes:


Older adults will maintain or experience improved mental, physical and/or spiritual health.


Older adults will experience reduced social isolation.


Older adults will gain or maintain functional independence.

While modeling the healing love of Christ, Lutheran Foundation strives to invest in services that show measurable impact in the lives of hurting people. We look to accomplish this by supporting services that are:

  • Comprehensive and collaborative in addressing the complicated and complex needs of the targeted population;
  • Responsive to cultural and gender differences;
  • Family-centered or focused; and
  • Evidence-based/informed and/or utilize best or promising practices.